WiFi Siren Home security WiFi Alarm Smart Siren Tuya

WiFi Home security alarm siren Tuya Smart life app control compatible alexa Google Home arm

Voice Control by Alexa Smart Speaker.

First Time you use voice, there have to set a voice code on your Alexa APP, 

this code is for family members only, this code is make sure not every one can control the smart siren.

Wireless door sensor connect with Siren A, then setting IFTTT function (if this,then that.), if siren A alarming then siren B/C/D/E alarming, and if siren A disarm then siren B/C/D/E disarm at the same time

When thief intruding to house, then motion/door sensor be trigger, then siren will alarming and it will push notification to mobile phone, no need to connect with alarm panel, then you can check on IP camera, two-way talking via camera,

then scare away the thief.


Where to buy?

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Where to buy?

You can purchase the motorized IP Camera ES-CAM4A from retailers listed below. Click on a logo to be redirected to their online store.


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